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Casanova Week


Christopher Butcher, whose commentary and company I always enjoy, is reviewing one issue of CASANOVA per day this week in a lead up to the release of Cass 7, the final installment of the first album, Luxuria.

Here’s a taste:

This is a dense comic book, the ideas flying fast and furious and even seemingly discarded. I commented recently that it took me three attempts to really feel like I “got” the first issue of this book because I didn’t commit enough of my attention to reading it. A lot of that is because there are just so many ideas being communicated to the reader. Offhand comments like “…designed by X.S.M.” or “the legendary Fakebook of the cosmos!” are tossed out at a rapid pace, with nary an appearance again in the issue. As I’ve said though, it does pay off down the line. We will find out who X.S.M. is in an issue or two, and that discovery and the story that accompanies it add layers of depth and understanding to the events of this first issue. It’s… rewarding.

Review #1 is up now.

Check here for the rest as the week progresses.

(Jonesing for more?  Geoff Klock has some excellent Casanova commentary up on his blog.)

30Boxes and Akismet

Comments Off

I was getting hit with stupid amounts of comment spam (the most irritating for some reason the ones that said, “I hate Spam!”) so I installed two new comments plug-ins this morning: Akismet and 30Boxes Buddy Cards.

Everything seems to be functioning fine, but I don’t have the greatest faith in my webmonkey skills, so do let me know if anything goes wonky for you.

(W/R/T 30Boxes: you can still comment without choosing to customize your card; it shouldn’t make any difference. If you do customize it, people reading comments can mouseover you name to see a little calling card or click on it and it’ll lead them to an aggregated page like mine, with as much or as little info as you care to provide. If this bores or confuses you, skip it. No big deal.)

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