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What News?

  • First: big day for Fraction yesterday — Punisher War Journal #4 and Iron Fist #3 dropped. So proud! Look at him go. He’s in LA doing some research right now, probably at this moment having sushi with Matt Gagnon.
  • Back before Fraction and I got married, we had imaginary pets: a cat named Pablo and two dogs — Captain Applejack and Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse was meant to be a little French Bulldog. Fast forward a few years — or page back a couple of blog entries — we’ve taken in this abandoned pup and we’re fostering him for a bit. We might keep him.. I dunno. No promises. Anyway. As a name, “New Dog” wasn’t quite doing it for me so at Fraction’s suggestion I toyed with calling him Pamplemousse. (The new dog, not Fraction.) It wasn’t right. Mousse was closer — my mom used to have this friend (who, incidentally, looked exactly like Joe Strummer) they called Moosey because he enjoyed running into things with his head. Something about that suits this bulldozer of a dog. But… part of me still wanted to save Pamplemousse for a Frenchie. Then Hillary suggested Claude. Claude! It sounds like clod. It’s perfect. The dog’s name is Claude. Thank you, Hillary.
  • When I got up this morning — at 7:15 am, we’re making progress — I discovered that Claude had chewed up my recently-completed knit headband/neckwarmer.
  • Claude went for neutering today. (On the way there, I told him he was going because he chewed up my knitting and my WHAT NOT TO WEAR PART TWO book.) I spoke to the nurse around 4pm. He did great, he’s not messing with the wound — they expect it to heal up nicely. He’ll come home Monday and he can start going to K-9 Club on Tuesday. That should make my life easier. At that point it’s just a matter of how he effects my stress level. If he’s too much for me, I’ll call Wayside Waifs and see if I can work out some kind of deal with them to try and find him a home, with the understanding that if they can’t, I’ll take him back rather than have him put down.
  • For your viewing pleasure: pretty shoes.
  • Rachel Stuart-Haas is on Flickr. Not only is she a delightful human being, but she’s mad talented. I love her work. LOVE. I have two paintings and, really and truly, they are my most prized possessions after, like, my laptop and my Mason-Pearson hairbrush. If I had unlimited funds, my house would be a gallery for her work that happened to include our furniture.
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