Checking In


Things here are as good as can be expected, I guess. Nana is out of the hospital, at home, in hospice care. She was pretty disoriented this morning; lucidity is slipping away. It’s a bit overwhelming, but I’m honestly not that worried about her. She’s not in pain and doesn’t appear to be frightened. It’s either her time or it’s not. We’re all very worried about my grandfather, however. He’s been her Superman for 55 years. He beside himself with horror and grief that he can’t fix her. I can’t even imagine what’s he’s going through. I start to and it just becomes too much.

If you smoke, quit. I’m serious. If you give a damn about the people who love you, stop. Struggling for air is a terrible way to die. Ellis, Xtop, I am looking at you.

We’re doing our best to carry on with work, which is, you know, vital, since the life of the freelancer means no pages, no paycheck. Banks want mortgages to be paid for some reason and the garage and the kitchen won’t, as they say, “pay for themselves.” Fraction and I have slipped away to Panera today for a few hours to try and get some done. We’re about to leave and I’m not sure how successful we’ve been but at least we got started. I cleared out about a million (okay, like, 80) e-mails and began answering some interview questions about 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: EBEN AND STELLA. Fraction spent some time on the phone with Brubaker. We’re going to have to miss the Emerald City Con because of our family situation, so we’re hoping to get out and visit Bru and Mel some time in the next couple of months.

Peter and I have discussed the possibility of reviving ARTBOMB at some point, but no one is sure they’ve got the time to do it right. No decisions have been made as of yet.

I have two new Viz projects beginning this summer, but as per usual, I can’t name them until Viz gives the okay. I will tell you that they’re both pretty cool, but I bet you guessed that.

Laurenn is, bless her, at home watching the house and the boys for us. Apparently she has some kind of ass injury. You might send her butt best wishes and her feet condolences (Claude ate her beautiful red flats) if you’ve got the time. And congratulate her on her new apartment. I haven’t seen the place yet, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to paint the kitchen cabinets. She’s in love with red and white retro kitchens and I just saw some cabinets painted bright red and glossy that I loved, loved, loved. I suppose we’ll see.

In unrelated news, my bra is killing me. Underwire is both a blessing and a curse.


  • Laurenn says:

    1 – My ass is feeling better, thank you.

    2 – Aldo had a pair of my shoes in Chicago. They are being sent. I am awaiting them.

    3 – Claude is very clumsy, and thinks he is a tiny dog. Sometimes, this is hilarious.

    3 – We can totally paint my cabinets.

    4 – Smoking is bad.

    5 – I love you and miss you.

  • Gus says:

    Hang in there; we’ll be thinking about you and your family.

  • DavePress says:

    Glad to hear things are…as settled as they can be. It’s a trying time, I lost my Nana, back when I was sixteen and to say the least…that was the last time I spoke with my mother’s side of the family. It’s going to be very trying, but when it’s over your Nana will be in a happy place. And the lesson learned for me was the same. I stopped smoking largely because of my ‘gran and well, I wasn’t that good of a swimmer and my coach was getting pissed at me. So, that was the end of that.

  • T2 says:

    Sorry about all the crap, KS. Thank God you and Fraction have one another. It’s times like this…etc.

    Getting back to work is a good thing for all the practical reasons, but the psychic ones, too.

    I DO want to hear about the garage, though…send or post photos when you can.

    We love you both a whole lot and hope to see you before the end of the year if things work out for all concerned.

    Also sorry to hear about your bra. Susan commiserates.

    There’s a few somethings in the mail for you guys. I’m sure Laurenn will keep Claude, the canine eating machine, away from the box.

    Oh yeah, Laurenn is truly a one in a bazillion friend for sure. But you don’t pick crummy friends, do you?


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