The Back Door

Well, $!#!@$#@!

I just made the decision that I’m not going to go to Charlotte for Heroes Con after all. (We have the tickets and everything!) Sniff. Heroes is my favorite con (by a long shot) and it’s near Fraction’s family so I’m brutally disappointed, but I think it’s for the best. Despite getting close twice — I still haven’t managed to get caught up from the month of work I missed for a death in the family in March. The kitchen remodel just got started. Claude is still acting a little funny, so I’m not sure I feel comfortable leaving him here for the contractor’s to deal with and, perhaps most-importantly, I’m just pooped. The pregnancy, the garage sale and clearing out the kitchen combined to wipe me out physically. And even though San Diego isn’t nearly as fun as Heroes, it’s our last trip before the baby comes — we’re springing for a nice hotel, all our nerdy friends will be there (including Warren Ellis, who, I suspect, will never be there again) — I really don’t want to miss it. (With any luck, the kitchen will be done by then.) And I fear I will if I don’t err on the side of caution now.

So… Fraction’s going without me. Sniff.


  • Carl V. says:

    Doesn’t it stink to have to make those kind of adult decisions and sacrifices! ;) I feel for you and am sorry…there are so many cons I cannot go to this year and I have con fever something fierce!!!

  • T-2 says:

    I was going to attend, just pop in, grab you two for dinner, hang with some of the yahoos and so forth, but I ain’t going either.

    Hey, here’s a thought, go next year and we’ll baby sit between panels and such!

    See you at SD.

  • Sanders says:

    I just realized you two are totally copying off of us. We buy a house. You buy a house. We remodel our kitchen, you remodel your kitchen. We have a bab.. oh.

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