Here I Stand, the Goddess of Desire


5 Things of Which I Am Growing Weary:

  1. Reporters complaining about covering Paris Hilton… while continuing to cover Paris Hilton. If we all agree this is not news, STOP COVERING IT. If you are, on the other hand going to continue to cover the story, man up and do your job with a straight face. Find a way to make it mean something. Enough with the snide remarks and disingenuous sighs, no one is mistaking you for a real journalist anyway;
  2. Claude’s issues;
  3. Hair bands that spontaneously break in my hair;
  4. Playing catch up;
  5. Having a sore vagina. Seriously: the kid has settled in such a way that anytime I stand I have the sensation of someone poking at a bruise in my va jay jay. Three more months of this? No, no, no, no, no. (Related: I grow weary of growing weary. I slept for an hour and a half this afternoon and I am NOT a napper. Or rather, I have never been a napper before.)
  6. EDITED TO ADD: ANN COULTER.  God, I can’t wait until the kitchen is done and I can go back to my NPR.  MSNBC is raising my blood pressure.  I purposely avoided her appearance on Hardball, but was treated to clips of her confrontation with Elizabeth Edwards with my morning “news.”  Did you see the sneering blonde teenager behind her?  I weep for the future.

In unrelated news:

  • Comic Overload looks at 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: EBEN & STELLA #1: “Mind you this progression of events in the comic is only the first three pages or so, so yeah….. the speed of this sucker starts off pretty high. You see multiple other stories going on through this first issue : A duo of vampire hunters looking to well end vampires, a gang of vampires helping another vampire replace the now non-existent vampire queen, a vampire born child? Like I said, it’s only the first issue and a CRAPLOAD of things happen.”
  • Congratulations to Mike Dietsch for his mention in Imbibe magazine. I’m not, as most of you have gleaned, a drinker, but the orange-flower-water-in-iced-tea tip sounds delightful in this heat. I also turned it up in this recipe for Thai Iced Tea. (I wonder if it would suffer terribly if you substituted Splenda for the sugar and light coconut milk for the cream… Hm.)
  • Congratulations to Laurenn McCubbin and Michelle Tea for their Rent Girl deal with Showtime!
  • Zack Smith interviews Fraction for Newsarama here.
  • Speaking of Warhol, (we weren’t but roll with me here) I’m in love with this font… but I’m not paying $90 for it. Mine is a stingy kind of love.
  • Kitchen progress has sloooooowed considerably. Word is that they’re painting tomorrow, but I’m not sure I believe them. Meanwhile, I console myself with daydreams of the cute curtains I will make for the three kitchen windows when this is all done. I’m thinking of a linen and print combination. Also? One day I will cook again. On that day, I will make this. (I’ve also been thinking about soft pretzels. I remember making batches of them with Grandma and Grandpa DeConnick when I was a kid and having a lot of fun. Perhaps the hormones are bringing out the sentimentalist in me, but I’ve been itching to make them again. I think there’s a recipe in Kids America, one of my favorite books from childhood — and the precursor to the Dangerous Book for Boys.)
  • Murder is a/the (depending on the source) leading cause of death for pregnant women. That’s fucked up.
  • Okay; back to work. I’m behind on a very exciting project for Viz and I owe Justin 8 pages for an anthology project. Oy.


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