Nerd Prom Dispatch #1

  • Ran into Jason Aaron at the airport in KC and traveled with him all the way to SD.
  • Our hotel? POSH.  We have BUTLER SERVICE.  It’s super-dreamy.  I have taken to calling the place “New House.”
  • Rantz made us Engine Badges — the babe’s even got one!  I love them so much I snorted.
  • I’m very, very pregnant.  It makes me sleepy.  I’m not out playing with the rest of the kiddies because my feet hurt and I can barely keep my eyes open.
  • I miss my dogs.
  • Did I mention that I love this hotel?  I love this hotel.
  • CBR is running a piece on 24seven v2 — which I saw and it looks AWESOME.  Congrats, Ivan.  (I’m quoted in the CBR piece.  That’s right.  I’m all fancy now.)  If you’re at the Prom, pick up your copy at the Image booth #2729.
  • Um… did anyone else notice that we didn’t get a big bag o’crap when we checked in this year?  I’m pleased, actually, except… no program?  Or will those be out tomorrow, I wonder…

1 Comment

  • T-2 says:

    Butler Service? Damn. You oughta have him do stuff just to see him scurry around.

    You are living large, indeed.

    However, never doubt that you deserve it.

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