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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-28

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  • Confirm or deny: Young Avengers Presents is nominated for a GLAADaward? #
  • Retweeting @hanqduong: @kellysue confirmed #
  • @neilhimself Tell them the Internet says “hello.” #
  • Wah. I’m making progress. I don’t want to stop working. #
  • No, that would not save your marriage, you horrible woman. #
  • @mikedalena No, the Best Show on #
  • @mikedalena Is “coach the cheerleaders” a euphamism? in reply to mikedalena #
  • I am sick. Oh, I am so sick. Enough denial. I go to the doctor today. #
  • I have such mixed feeling about Facebook. Some, “Hey, it’s YOU!” Some, “Oh… it’s you.” Mostly, “Do I know you?” #
  • That sounded far snottier than I intended. Blame the sinus infection. My temper’s short today. (1 or 2 reconnects have made it worthwhile.) #
  • Oishinbo #
  • I use a digital voice recorder to help me keep track of things. I seem to have misplaced it. The irony is not lost on me. #
  • The man behind me is singing along to the Muzak version of Groovin’ as his wife begs him to go get her a 3 piece special from Church’s. #
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