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I’m not fool enough to seek these things out, but here are a few links I’ve been sent:

I Am A Secret Avenger!


I Am A Secret Avenger!, originally uploaded by Kelly Sue.

After I posted this pic, Chad Collier made me an "I AM A SECRET AVENGER" poster that I loved. Unfortunately I couldn’t post it because my phone, in silhouette, looked like a beer can. (Our lawyer would have had an aneurism, poor man.) I sent it privately to a couple of people, including Rich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties, who was kind enough to return it with this tweak and a note that said, "What beer can?"

Target, You Vex Me


Went to Target this morning to pick up a couple of things–some Easter goodies to contribute to the neighborhood’s [decidedly secular] hunt, a boot tray, an umbrella stand, some small rewards for HL’s potty training, etc. …It didn’t go well for me at all. Can I kvetch for a second?

First, in APRIL in OREGON, Target does not stock either boot trays or umbrella stands. They don’t have them at all.

Second, I tried both the party favor aisle and the toy section and I couldn’t find any small plastic animals for Henry’s teachers to give him when he seals the deal at the potty. (Stickers don’t seem to carry much weight with him these days, alas.) And perhaps worst of all…

THE LIBERTY OF LONDON STUFF IS KILLING ME! Particularly the sleepwear and intimates. So! Pretty! Aaaaand I’m 8 months pregnant. It would be utterly pointless for me to buy anything that would fit me now (assuming I could even find such a thing from LoL) and too risky to buy something in my “regular” size without being able to try it on. So… that sucked.

Pity me?

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