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I Was Pregnant & Pacing, Okay?

  • Word Balloon interview is up here.  (Be kind; I was INCREDIBLY NERVOUS.  And I was pacing.  There are a number of, ahem, lengthy pauses as I try not to sound like an idiot.  I do manage to relax a bit as it goes, but yeah… pauses.)  Anyway, Siuntres is aces, so there’s that.
  • At Travis Holyfield’s suggestion, I put up a Facebook fan page here.  I think.  I have no idea if I did it right and I can’t really afford the time today to monkey around with it, but I think it’s up.  (I try to leave my Facebook page for people I know personally and I say so in my profile, but I still have 100+ friend requests from folks I don’t know sitting in my inbox.  So this is, I dunno, a way for me to not look like a jerk, I guess?  Or possibly I’m a bigger jerk now.  Netiquette remains a bit of a mystery to me.)
  • CV got an update too.  (Thanks to Ariana–as ever–for fixing the formatting for me.)

Okay. Back to work.

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