I Was Pregnant & Pacing, Okay?

  • Word Balloon interview is up here.  (Be kind; I was INCREDIBLY NERVOUS.  And I was pacing.  There are a number of, ahem, lengthy pauses as I try not to sound like an idiot.  I do manage to relax a bit as it goes, but yeah… pauses.)  Anyway, Siuntres is aces, so there’s that.
  • At Travis Holyfield’s suggestion, I put up a Facebook fan page here.  I think.  I have no idea if I did it right and I can’t really afford the time today to monkey around with it, but I think it’s up.  (I try to leave my Facebook page for people I know personally and I say so in my profile, but I still have 100+ friend requests from folks I don’t know sitting in my inbox.  So this is, I dunno, a way for me to not look like a jerk, I guess?  Or possibly I’m a bigger jerk now.  Netiquette remains a bit of a mystery to me.)
  • CV got an update too.  (Thanks to Ariana–as ever–for fixing the formatting for me.)

Okay. Back to work.


  • Doug Dorr says:

    You were great on wordballoon. I am glad you did it. I am going to look at for your stuff. It sounds like something I would really enjoy.

    Are you coming to Stumptown Comicfest next year?


  • Josh says:

    Kelly Sue,

    I just listened to this episode of Word Balloon! I thought you did great. I picked up the Sif one shot a few weeks back and thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to reading more from you! =]

    Keep up the good work!


    p.s. I wish there was no glass ceiling. My mom single handedly raised me and my brother, and brings in millions of dollars in grant money for rural development/improvement projects and tourism in our small county in eastern Kentucky. She is one of the highest rated county cooperative extension agents in the state, yet these achievements are not reflected in her salary. I hope someday things will change across the board!

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