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I Am Not Blonde, originally uploaded by Kelly Sue

Busy day today and off to a late start, but here’s a bit of this and that:
  • During the month of April, when we have two trips coming up, a baby’s birthday, an estimated tax payment and we’re still smarting from a “catastrophic data loss” event, I have ABSOLUTELY NO BUDGET FOR PRETTIES.  So of course, my beloved Kate Spade is having a 25% off Sale today and tomorrow.  Bitch.  Here’s hoping you can take advantage of it in my stead.
  • Via the profoundly awesome Making It Lovely blog, this bit on a box-themed boys’ birthday party.  I haven’t the time nor the energy for such things and I am stunned and amazed that any mother of twins does.  Is it wrong that I kind of hope she’s on speed?  Anyway, it’s an awesome party.
  • Also from Making It Lovely, the Chuck Close “Inspiration is for Amateurs” quote.  I want that done up as some kind of pretty Etsy print for my office.  Needle point, maybe…
  • I am not the worst mother in the world.  We had a family dinosaur dance party last night [dinosaurs love to dance to PANAMA, fyi] and we baked chocolate elephant cookies for dessert.  I want credit for that, dammit.
  • Behold my new favorite pen. I want to try the needle tip version before I order a case, though.  Might like that better.
  • Fraction just sent me a link to this– Ms. Marvel: the dress. (He found it here.)
  • Everyone’s seen this by now, yeah? Girls Love Superheroes tumblr. I’m not kidding when I say that puts a lump in my throat.  (I wish I had pictures of me in my aluminum foil Wonder Woman bracelets. Or playing Almighty Isis in a crudely-fashioned bedsheet dress.)
  • Finally, I wish I had time to comment in depth on the budget stand-off w/r/t Planned Parenthood.  The Hyde Amendment already makes it illegal to use federal funds to pay for abortions, so defunding Planned Parenthood in the name of keeping tax dollars anti-choice is a bit off.  This is such a difficult issue.  I believe that the staunchly anti-choice individuals really do believe they’re doing the right thing–that by pulling monies out of Planned Parenthood, even when those monies do not directly fund the procedure, they’re saving lives.  I believe they’re wrong.  I believe they’re *costing* lives, by valuing potential life over actual life.  Planned Parenthood isn’t some front operation for an abortion factory.  It’s a healthcare clinic.  I’ve been poor in my life and I’ve needed their services and they were there for me and countless other women who couldn’t afford to go to a private OB/GYN or didn’t know how to find one.  We’re talking about yearly exams, cancer screenings, birth control, UTIs, yeast infections–regular issues in the care and feeding of your average vagina that are not and should not be hot button issues.  I understand that money is tight.  Believe me, I know from money being tight.  But I don’t think this is about the money at all–I think this is about politics in the most literal sense of the term.  This is about the struggle for power.  And I am once again disappointed to see this nation’s girls being used as props and pawns.  Okay.  Enough.  I have to get back to work now.


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