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Heroes Con and, Um, Some Other Stuff


Matt Fraction and wife Kelly Sue

  • I usually come down against Cruelty to Animals.  It’s not a controversial position I know, but this morning, where my own canine household members are concerned, I’m rethinking it anyway. 
  • I’ll be appearing, along with Tori Amos (!!), editor Rantz Hoseley, moderator Douglas Wolk, David Mack, Ted McKeever and Elizabeth Genco on the CBT panel at SDCC to ‘launch’ the Comic Book Tattoo.  Yeah, that’s right.  My 22 year-old self thinks my 37 year-old self is cool at last.
  • Heroes Con remains awesome.  I apparently don’t have it in me to do full con reports anymore so if you’re looking for that sort of thing I’ll point you towards Tom Spurgeon’s full report and collective memory links page.  For my part, I enjoyed myself immensely.  Many thanks to Sheldon, Dusty and their crew.  A couple of bits worth mentioning: 
    • I met Kathryn Immonen (and Stuart!) in person, at long last.  Turns out she’s just as lovely as I’d imagined.  More so, even.  
    • My favorite exchange of the Con:
      • Matt Fraction: Kathryn came by while you were gone.  
      • Kelly Sue: Did she say anything about meeting up later?
      • Matt Fraction: No, but she gave me a Slim Jim and a knife.
    • Fraction said the collaboration panel he did was the most craft-intensive panel he’d ever been on and possibly the best.  I was minding the table, so I missed it but The Dollar Bin recorded it and posted it here
    • Newsarama documented my potty mouth on the Creative Household panel here.  (Incidentally, Russ Lane came up and introduced himself later.  What an interesting guy — turns out he lost 200 pounds five years ago.  TWO HUNDRED POUNDS.  I find that fascinating and inspiring.  It takes such courage and faith to make profound life and identity changes like that.  Russ writes some about his accomplishment here. )
    • Steve Niles and I talked a bit more about a project he suggested that’s got my wheel’s turning.  That’s all I can say without jinxing it, but yeah.  Wheels: totally turning.  
    • Sarah Wilkinson and I also chatted about doing a little something together.  I think I know what it’s going to be, but again with the jinxing.  
    • Fraction’s parents made us all FRACTION t-shirts, which might have been the cutest thing ever.  (Well, next to the little boy dressed as Iron Fist.)  The genesis of the idea came from a photo of Fraction and his dad when Matt was about three.  They’re wearing shirts that say “Fritch” and “Little Fritch.”  We’ve now got a shot of Fraction, his dad and Henry in shirts that read “Fraction,” “Dad Fraction” and “Lil’ Fraction.”  We’re going to frame the two together.  
    • I adore Ivan Brandon and Rick Remender.  Can I just say that?  Cool.
    • I didn’t do a lot of shopping but I did pick up this print by Imaginism for Miss April.  (I nearly picked up one of a Lady Snowblood-esque kimono-clad woman wiping blood off her sword for myself, but I couldn’t think of where I’d hang it.  And — go figure — it’s not on their site.  Alas.)
    • Miss April also scored a monster print moleskine cover by Sarah Dyer.  
    • Introduced myself to Chris Sims from the Invincible Super Blog.  I find that guy’s blog utterly hysterical.  And clearly he’s got great taste: Fraction’s Thor: Reign of Blood is his Pick of the Week.  
  • Speaking of Fraction’s books this week, did you all pick up his Young Avengers Special? I know I’m not unbiased but I particularly loved this one.  
  • I’ll probably add more to this post as I think of things.  
  • Okay… back to work.  

They’re Coming To Take Me Away


They're Coming to Take Me Away
Haven’t had the time or energy to keep up with the blog (or email or anything else) much lately. Quick hits:

  • 30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella tpb is out, I believe. Did anyone pick it up?
  • Fraction’s got two books out this week and Fabio just posted the cover to Casanova #14.
  • I really want to go visit the orchid cave. (I am a giant nerd – I also wish I could attend the orchid expo this weekend. Alas.)
  • HL went to the doctor for his 2 month check up on Monday — all is well.
  • We joined a new gym! I’m going to a Pilates mat class this morning. Er… this is probably only of interest to me, but I haven’t really worked out in, oh, almost A YEAR, so I’m absurdly excited about it.
  • AMAZING pole dance routine (thanks, Tobi!)
  • Handmade baby photo album arrived from Merry and Alex this week and blew my mind – it’s a wonderful compliment to the “Henry, No!” book that Terry made. Sam sent an Flip Video. Eric sent a sketch for “Henry, No!” Viz sent a precious little outfit. Janet sent a Bruce Lee onesie. Did I ever tell you about Kathryn’s handknit sweater?? How about the skull sweater that Jane B. made him? The set from Adrian? The list goes on and on and on. It’s… unbelievable.  Fraction and I were talking last night about it.  It’s not the stuff — though the stuff is awesome; it’s the love.  Having an infant is difficult — beautiful, exciting, touching, unbelievable, but also difficult.  Through those difficult hours we feel so loved and supported by you.  That matters.
  • Okay, I’m off to the gym.

Dogs on My Belly

  • Me, Henry and the DogsGirl Farts: horrifying strangers since… I dunno. For a good long while now.
  • 30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #4 is out today.  You love me, so you bought it, right?
  • 23 days until the baby’s due. As of yesterday, the kid hadn’t dropped yet and zero dilation. BUT, I’m 50% effaced. So something is happening.
  • Has everyone seen Antony‘s take on Getting Things Done for Writers?
  • Yoda cake. Yoda. Cake.

Let Them Make You Lose Your Temper, And You Let Them Run Your Life

  • Bigger30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #4 is out August 29th. Preorder page for the tpb is up on Amazon here.
  • Fraction was interviewed by GQ! Pick up the print version (with Obama on the cover) and check out page 258, or read the interview on their site. (Now, I think somebody who is not me ought to add that link to Fraction’s Wikipedia page.)
  • I am apparently in danger of letting Ann Coulter run my life.
  • Our baby is due one month from today.
  • Covetous Corner: Tartan tote from Target; this book/magazine rack for the nursery; more energy; an extra 3-4 hours in every day.
  • YouTube belly pr0n.
  • The nursery is coming along. We had to rearrange everything to accommodate the new glider, but Fraction put in a full day’s work on it this weekend and took care of the hard labor aspect. My mom and Frank are coming labor day weekend to help us tackle the rest of the to do list.
  • I think I might need to go take a nap.

30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #3


30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #3 Cover

Originally uploaded by Kelly Sue.

Out today, I believe –
MAY073553 30 DAYS OF NIGHT EBEN & STELLA #3 (MR) $3.99
Steve Niles, Kelly Sue DeConnick (w); Justin Randall (a & c)

In this third chapter in the latest saga of Eben and Stella, war parties converge. Vampire-hunters Kevin and Alice each bring their talents to bear on the battlefield—Alice provides generations of combat expertise and weaponry, Kevin chips in technical expertise and new media prowess. And… nothing goes according to plan. If Kevin’s to survive, Alice is going to need to reach whatever humanity is left in Stella.

See also:
MAY072148 PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #9 CWI $2.99 wherein Fraction says “Tragedy reigns and laughter dies.”

30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #3 Preview and Stuff


30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #3 Cover

  • 30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #3 Preview is posted here, courtesy of IDW Publishing.
  • All my 30 Days scripts are in, but I’m still behind on other books (one anthology script; two manga adaptations). Argh. Should get caught up this week — but that’s what I said last week. The pregnancy is slowing me down, alas. I just can’t stay up and power through the way I usually can (not that I’m usually particularly good at staying up late and being productive, but I’m better at it than I am right now). I think I might hit Bella Napoli to work today – I always get a lot done there.
  • Yesterday was Steve Niles‘ birthday! Go wish him happy belated on The Engine or The Inner Sanctum. (Tristan Crane, too! Happy belated, Tristan.)
  • Claude? Not helping.
  • The kitchen is coming along — dry wall is up and mudded. I think the plan is to sand on Monday then paint. I hear the cabinets look great and the bottom cabinets might be installed as soon as the end of next week.
  • Yesterday was kind of TCB/administrative: got our corporate account set up, hit Costco for groceries, met with a landscaping guy, took care of some calls, some bills, answered some mail, some laundry. Fun, fun.
  • We’ve got Prairie Home Companion tickets! They’re live at the Starlight tonight. I’m either secretly 50 or a giant dork, because I’m really excited.
  • 91 days left until our due date. (23 left until my birthday!) I think tomorrow officially starts the third trimester? It depends on which website/book I check. Some say today, some tomorrow, some… two more weeks.
  • Fraction brought me home a bootleg copy of KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK from Heroes Con. I married well.
  • List of the Day (you’re encouraged to participate). Last 5 Ebay Purchases:
    1. Zutano 4 piece-boys’ newborn outfit, NWT
    2. Zutano Brown Button Cardigan and Bear Hat 0-3 mos
    3. Zutano Blue Overalls, Like New, Super soft
    4. Zutano 2 Cozy Rompers 0-3 mos
    5. Zutano Like New Cozy Gown 0-6 mos

(Thanks, Rachel. Look what you did!)

30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella #2 Out Today


I wish there was a way to link directly to the Midtown Comics purchase page for this issue, but their java pop-ups make that impossible.

I suspect they’re missing out on a few sales this way. Oh, well.

All of today’s releases are here.

That Broken Frontier Interview I Promised



Having made her name in the periphery of the comic book world thus far, Kelly Sue DeConnick steps more into the forefront with the next installment in the 30 Days of Night series, Eben & Stella. With the first issue of the mini series out since last Wednesday, DeConnick stopped by to chat about the book and other things that interest her.

More in link.

(Yes; I caught that manga was the “periphery” of the comic book world, but I suspect it was meant more to refer to the role of adapter versus that of original author. Anyway, I like this interview better than any other I’ve done thus far, so that’s how I’m choosing to read it.)

ETA: 30 Days got BoingBoing’d!

Brain Dump


EBEN & STELLA wallpaper.jpg

I’m running out of clever titles for posts like this. Can you tell?

  • Just did an interview on 30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella with Samuel Moyerman of Broken Frontier. Keep an eye out for that one – they’re running one of my favorite splash pages from issue #2. (Fraction says he thinks #1 is coming out this week. I’m not sure how to check. Isn’t that pathetic?) (Also, I’m terrified to read the reviews. Don’t send them to me, okay?)
  • Spoke to Viz yesterday about a couple of upcoming projects. Good news a-comin’! More as soon as they’re officially announced.
  • Hearty congratulations to Snr. Ellis on his Eagle Awards! Everybody’s favorite curmudgeon is disconcerted by the sweep, of course, but the rest of us are pleased as proverbial punch.
  • Fraction got me a green peapod necklace from Rachel Sudlow for Mother’s Day. I adore it. I got a card from my dad and a ‘Morning Mom phone call from Xtop, then Laurenn, Lauren, Fraction and I went to Room 39 for a Mother’s Day brunch the highlight of which was an asparagus trio that both pleased and amused me and the bouncy little fetus. All this, and I have yet to change a diaper. (Speaking of diapers, have I asked you all if you know anything about g-diapers? Forgive me if I have, please; I’m a little absent-minded these days. I’m sure that’s Darwin making sure I don’t think too much about what I’m in for.)
  • Harold and Fraction went and picked up the kid’s dresser yesterday too — woo hoo! The rug arrived last week and we’ve had the crib for months, so as soon as we can get the extra furniture out of that room we can begin to figure out the new arrangement.
  • NPR tells me Pink Martini has a new CD out tomorrow!! I so hope they come through town again. (We’ve seen them play with the symphony here twice and twice I swooned.)
  • The WP editing page has stopped loading correctly for me for some reason. I’m doing this in HTML right now and I shouldn’t have to.
  • Twin sweethearts Laurenn and Lauren helped me clear all the junk out of the dining room and start organizing the basement last night. It was a crappy job — or a series of crappy jobs — and they were positively delightful and upbeat about it. I’ve gushed my thank yous already, but I can’t resist throwing another one in here. I’m reminded what great friends I have.
  • Called Pop for Mother’s Day to see how he was doing. He’d taken some cards out to the cemetery for Nana — including one I sent. I asked him if she liked it. “Well,” he said, “she didn’t complain.” I love him so much.
  • Once the garage is painted, we’re going to put a little rose bush in the backyard in Nana’s honor, at Pop’s request. I think it’s a lovely gesture.
  • Girl Dork moment: Rebecca just told me about Martha Stewart’s new craft line at Michael’s. I’m beside myself with jealousy of anyone who’s already been shopping. Our closest Michael’s is in Overland Park. Bah!
  • Okay, Mama and Papa Fraction are arriving in town today to spend the week with us, shopping and doing home repairs, etc. (Fraction and his dad are going to put the crib together!) and I have much to do before they arrive. Ciao!

Hey, Kid — Wanna Buy a Nine?


Xen by Justin RandallI think most of us are better at promoting other people’s work than we are our own.

[As I compose this post, Claude is systematically assembling every dog bed and toy in the house in a pile by the door. I'm not sure if he's trying to keep the zombies out or packing his things.]

I have zero discomfort singing the praises of CASANOVA or PLANETARY or RENT GIRL (or even IRON FIST, which I didn’t think would particularly be my thing, despite the talent involved. I was wrong. In fact, thus far I like each issue better than the last. I read Issue #4 yesterday and it was awesome! Looove the Crane Mother. And I seriously can’t wait for the Pirate Queen issue) but I don’t do much to push my own books. I mean, for one thing, I’m skeptical of my own ability to change the numbers and for another… it’s an awfully vulnerable position to put yourself in, isn’t it?
Anyway, I just had a look at 30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella, Issue #2 and… here’s the thing: I really like it. I want you to buy it. I feel pretty good about Issue #1 — and well, #1 is a good place to start, but #2? Well, I’m excited about #2. So there you go. I said it.

If you like vampires and cyberpunks and kittens, and, well, me, Justin and/or Steve, you should buy this book.

Issue #1 is out in May, #2 in June. Mark your calendar or pre-order or whatever, okay?

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