On the Off Chance You’re Not as Sick of the Sound of My Voice as I Am

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Two podcasts went up today:

Loikamania Ep 087

Podcast! The Comics Ep 17

I had a good time doing both. My thanks to Pat, Travis, James and Brandon.

I’m doing another Thursday night–with some hilarious dudes who totally intimidate me!–and then I believe I will have Collected Them All.



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Yes! I will totally be there!  (Sadly, no, the rest of the family will not.)  I won’t be at a table, but I will be at the following places, at the following times:


Signing at Marvel Booth (#515)


Signing at Marvel Booth (#515)


Next Big Thing Panel
From the Marvel U to the Ultimate U and everything in between, we’ve got the top talent on hand to talk about all of your favorite heroes and villains as well as make a few surprise announcements!  Panelists include James Asmus (GENERATION HOPE), Dennis Hopeless (X-MEN SEASON ONE), Kelly Sue DeConnick (CASTLE: STORM SEASON), with Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso and more as they take on all questions!
1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
Room S401abc

Unless I’m spacing something (entirely possible–I’ve had 12 hours sleep cumulatively over the last three nights), that’s all I’ve got scheduled.

HOWEVER, if you see me on the floor — I will be the 5 foot tall red-headed lady with the bright orange backpack — feel free to stop me.  I will have Things To Show You.  I also have a few Captain Marvel buttons left.

See you there.


The Dodson’s Cover for Avenging Spider-Man #9

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Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction – DELETE


I always love Ed Peterson’s photos!

Emerald City Con Schedule

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Fraction just put our panel schedule up on his blog!  When we’re not on panels, you’ll probably be able to find us at our table — M-06.  Walk in and come straight to the back.  We’ve got a few meetings/appointments/whatnot that may tear us away from time to time, but we’ll try to be there as much as we can.  (I brought my laptop and I’ve got a ton of work to do.  Pray for a Wi-Fi signal for me, will you?  Wah wah.)

In addition to what Fraction posted, I’ve got a signing with Phil Noto for GHOST at Dark Horse (#702) at 1pm on Sunday.  Our book’s not out yet, so they’ve put together a FREE PRINT for us to sign!  Come by and get you one.

Oh! Oh! And at some point today, I should have unofficial Captain Marvel buttons to give out.  Follow me on twitter — @kellysue — and I’ll let you know when they arrive!

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Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Costume by Jamie McKelvie

Captain Marvel Costume by Jamie McKelvie

It was announced over the weekend at WonderCon that Dexter Soy and I will be doing a Captain Marvel book starring Carol Danvers, starting in July of this year–my birthday week, as it happens.  Happy birthday to me!

I’ve got interview links to share galore:

MTV Geek



Comics Alliance

And I want to take a moment to clarify something I said in the Newsarama interview that’s taken on a life of its own. Here’s the bit:

The problem isn’t just that we have to get folks to buy it; it’s that we have to get retailers to order it. The failing of our distribution model is that our customer isn’t really the reader, our customer is whoever places the Diamond order at any store. So if there’s a perception that the book won’t sell, it gets under-ordered and it becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s a thing that happens to every creator on Twitter on one Wednesday or another: an incredibly sweet reader who really wants to support you, writes to tell you that they tried to buy your book at their LCS and it was already sold out! It’s only noon, they say! The shop only opened at 10! Your book must’ve flown off the shelves!

And then the creator, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, says, “Wow! Thanks for your support — better pre-order the next one!” and then they cry into their coffee. Because, friends, selling out by noon on a Wednesday is not good news. Heck, selling out by Thursday is not good news. That means your book was under-ordered — if it was ordered at all. If the consumer wants the product and we can’t get them the product, our system is broken.

I hate the pre-order thing. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Ten years ago, I was complaining about it on the [Warren Ellis Forum] — I’m a shopper. I looooove to shop. I will spend money. But I am not going to buy a pair of shoes that I’m expected to order three months in advance and am not able to try on! And that’s what we’re asking of our readers. It’s the dumbest system. No wonder we have problems! Is there another industry that works like this?

Point One:

That is absolutely and in no uncertain terms not meant to vilify the retailer.  They retailer is as much a victim of this system as anyone — they’re working with surprisingly slim profit margins and unlike their brethren at Barnes & Noble, their products are not returnable.  Which means, whatever they order, they have to be able to sell through–or they’re stuck with it.  They’ve got limited shelf space and literally hundreds of titles choose from every month.  I do no envy them their position.  The system makes it very difficult for the retailer to take risks…

Which is where pre-ordering comes into play.  If you register your interest in a title–your commitment even, if you do it in the form of a pull–with your retailer, then they know that they’ve got a guaranteed sale there.  And the more pre-orders they have for a title, the more likely they are to order a couple extra for the shelf, because they can have a reasonable confidence that the book will have some buzz.  The better the orders, the better the forecast, and the more likely the publisher is to keep putting out the resources to keep producing the book.  Remember, they’re working with limited resources too–I know, I know–but think in terms of time, not money. There are only so many editors in an office, they can only spread their attention so thin.  The number of books that can be produced by any one office is limited and the ones that will win out are the ones that are expected to bring in the highest profits.  Feels crass, I know, but at every stop on along the way, this is a business.

Without pre-orders, the retailer has to intuit how many copies of the book they’re going to be able sell based on their experience with similar titles in the past.  With Captain Marvel, we’re asking them to work out an algorithm based on what?

  • The previous Ms. Marvel title, which made it to 50 issue in an entirely different economic market and hasn’t been on the shelves in years;
  • Two decidedly midlist creators. Let’s do ourselves the honor of speaking frankly, shall we? I am very proud of my work. I have been a working professional in the industry for a decade and published by the “Big Two” for three years. But. Dex and I are hardly Bendis and Bagley.
  • The sales of other female-led superhero titles…   Right.

So.  I don’t mean to sound dramatic.  Really, no one’s life depends on this, does it?  I worked in a surgery clinic for a while–that was life and death. This? It’s not a career-killer. This is just a bummer. And the bummer is that we’re swimming upstream here.  Without preorders, retailers are going to quite naturally make modest assumptions about our prospects.

Does that all make sense?  There are no bad guys here.  We’re all stuck in the same machine.

All that said, I don’t have a better idea!  I’d advocate revolution if I had ANY idea how to do it better.  I do not. I leave that to wiser folks.  In the meantime, with apologies in place, I ask you –

If you favor an underdog–and if you read superheroes, I’m betting you do–and if you think you might be willing to take a $3 or $4 (I confess, I have no idea what price point we’ll be at) gamble on Carol, Dex and I, please let your retailer know by preordering.

When I get back home and I have a chance to breathe, Chris Sebela is going to help me put together a little pre-order form that you can print off this site and take to your local comics shop. We’ll endeavor to thank you for your support by making this as easy as possible.

Point Two:

Of course I’m not the first person to beat this drum.  I never said I was. I’m frankly surprised that bit of that interview has gotten all the traction it has.  Warren Ellis started making pre-order coupons for his books and advocating the practice easily ten years ago.  I humbly recall that I got pissy about it back then. (Sorry, Papa.)

Point Three:

Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for the insane and unexpected amount of support Carol, Dex, me and Jamie have gotten from you over the past two days.  I am… astonished, frankly.  You’re challenging my pessimism–which is a very Danvers thing for you to do.

And if our book is not for you?  That’s okay. You’re not dooming our comics, our gender, the future of comics, or comics by or about women.  Taste is subjective and we can still be friends. (You know, though, if you’ve never pre-ordered a comic before, you might take this opportunity to try it–it doesn’t have to be Captain Marvel.  You can take support something else–how about an indie or creator-owned book that might not be stocked by your shop at all with out a preorder?)

And, lastly, in whatever form it may take, I thank you for your passion for comics. Without that, we would have nothing.

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Castle: Storm Season

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Still more good news I neglected to share!

Mr. Brian M. Bendis and I are teaming up once again!  This time we’re working with Uh! Maze! Zing! Italian artist EMANUELA LUPACCHINO on the sequel to the ABC TV tie-in Castle: Deadly StormCastle: Storm Season.  We’re well into it already and let me say Ema is killing it.  I’m having so much fun working on this book, I kind of can’t believe it’s happening.

For more details, here’s a piece on Marvel.com and here’s one from the TV Guide site.

The image below is from the cover, by artist Dustin Weaver.

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DeConnick & Noto Resurrect Ghost for Dark Horse Presents


Man.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks around our house with some truly epic illnesses and the death of our beloved dog, Captain Applejack.  I’m afraid I’m still reeling.  Amidst the doom and gloom, I somehow managed not to share some good news with you–namely, that I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to team with PHIL NOTO and Dark Horse editor Patrick Thorpe to bring back GHOST, starting in Dark Horse Presents #13.

If you know Phil’s work at all, you’re a fan.  For more on our take on the character, check out this interview for CBR.


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Con Schedule

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Matt & Kelly Sue
Fraction and I will be at Emerald City Comic Con March 30-April 1st.  Come see us at Table M-06!

(We won’t look like that. That picture’s, like, 5 years old.)

Also, if you want to mark your calendars:

Tallulah Louise, Laurenn McCubbin & I are planning on going to Wiscon 36 May 25-28, 2012; and
the whole DeFraction clan will be at Heroes Con June 22-24, 2012.

That’s all we’ve confirmed thus far this year, but there are at least two more possibilities. I’ll update as I know.

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Drink ‘N Draw LIKE A LADY

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I neither drink nor draw, but have somehow managed to be invited to this event and I am totally going:

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