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Powell’s Signing with Brian Michael Bendis


Facebook Event Page here.

Please join Brian Michael Bendis and me at Powell’s (1005 W Burnside) this Friday evening at 7:30.

Brian doesn’t do many public appearances any more, so if you’re a fan–this is your chance.  Powell’s will have the Castle book as well as Powers collections and who knows what all else.  (Brian also says he’s bringing some free comics for giveaways!)

Avengers Day!!


Hey, so, today is AVENGERS DAY–a great day for Marvel fans to hit their local comic book shop.  In addition to Bendis’ AVENGERS #1, you might consider supporting the Fraction/DeConnick* clan by picking up these books as well:

I’ve also got a couple of interviews up today:

* Fraction, some of you may know, got his name as the result of a telemarketer mis-pronouncing “Fritchman.”  Apparently, Phil Bond misheard “Kelly Sue DeConnick” as “Kelly Supersonic” while out at a pub with McKelvie last night.  I’m now considering changing my name.  (Okay, not really.  But come ON.)

**Every once in a while Jamie puts limited edition prints up for sale on his site.  They always sell out… because they’re AWESOME.  You might want to go ahead and add his site to your feed reader and cross your fingers.

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