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Castle: Storm Season

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Still more good news I neglected to share!

Mr. Brian M. Bendis and I are teaming up once again!  This time we’re working with Uh! Maze! Zing! Italian artist EMANUELA LUPACCHINO on the sequel to the ABC TV tie-in Castle: Deadly StormCastle: Storm Season.  We’re well into it already and let me say Ema is killing it.  I’m having so much fun working on this book, I kind of can’t believe it’s happening.

For more details, here’s a piece on and here’s one from the TV Guide site.

The image below is from the cover, by artist Dustin Weaver.

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Me Too, Brother

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Me Too, Brother, originally uploaded by Kelly Sue.

Well… so much for updating every day. All I can do is try, I guess.  Mini post today:

  • Osborn 5 preview! Last issue, folks. Out on Wednesday.  Sniff.
  • In other Osborn-related news, I trust you all saw this tweet from Mr. Brian M. Bendis?!  Very, very exciting stuff.
  • I have an Amazon Author Page.
  • And a Good Reads Author Page.
  • Both pages list the books I’ve adapted as well as the books I’ve authored as being “my books,” which is odd, but there doesn’t seem to be an alternative.  Let me therefore state for the record that I am not laboring under some delusion that I am the “author” of Fruits Basket or Slam Dunk or Blue Spring, okay?  I wrote the English adaptations. We cool? Sweet.

More when things slow down here a bit.

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