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Tunnels and Lights


So I wrapped a monster script at 5:10pm last night and I was somehow expecting to feel lighter today. I guess it hasn’t quite hit me yet. (The last two pages are still nagging at me. That might be the problem. I can tweak them yet if I want to, but the solution hasn’t materialized yet. Any minute now would be good.)

In other news, SUPERGIRL 65 dropped yesterday! Most everyone seems to like it, so I’m pleased. I try not to care what other TEH INTARWEBS say — I think ultimately if I’m pleased with it and my editor’s pleased with it, then it’s a success and I ought to free up that mental energy for the next thing. (Caveat: I’m still very much rooted in Beginner’s MInd in this pursuit and nothing’s going to be perfect. Do the best job I can do and then make note of what mistakes I’ve made, what I can learn from, and MOVE ON.)… But I’m human. So I care. I was particularly concerned about the thoughts of the fine folks at and Supergirl Comic Box Commentary because I know Kara is very close to their hearts and… I don’t know. I don’t want to reverse-engineer and write what I think other people want, but I do want the superfans–the people for whom this character means the most–to feel I’ve treated the opportunity with respect. Does that make sense? Anyway, I heard from them both and they were both very positive. So. Big exhale. And as the two remaining books are each better than the previous, I think–I hope–we’re drawing aces. Big thanks to my collaborators Wil Dennis, ChrisCross, Marc Deering, Blond and Travis Lanham. Congratulations, fellas!

Up next for me, an 8-pager for Marvel and a one-shot for another company that I’m more excited about than my scheduling would suggest.

Then? I’m taking a little time to focus on A Creator-Owned Thing.

On a personal note, my dad and step mom are coming to visit today and I could not be more excited.

There’s so much more I want to share but I’ve got errands to run, two interviews to write out and some research to do today, so I’m calling it for the moment.

Next post, I’m going to try to start talking about what I’ve learned about comics writing and my specific process over the last year and a half.

See you then.

EDITED TO ADD: Comic News Insider Episode 339, my conversation with Jimmy Aquino at Heroes Con has gone live!

Quick Note re DC Reboot


I am SWAMPED and everyone in our house is sick, so this is going to be a bit of a drive-by post, but I have been seeing stirrings on the interwebs about the dearth of female writers in the DC re-boot and while I agree that, you know, MORE THAN ONE WOULD BE BETTER, I feel like I should mention that I was approached. (I’ve seen my name at least twice on lists of ‘folks DC should have talked to.’)

They did talk to me. I was approached twice.

The first was to pitch on an ongoing. I declined because I was hip deep in work at the time and the turnaround they needed was just impossible for me. (I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was a day or two for the pitch and then a week and half for the first script–which would have been doable if I could have dropped everything and started immediately, but I had Castle pages due, another project you don’t know about yet, and Supergirl still on my plate!) And I wasn’t sure I was ready for an ongoing anyway. (It was later pointed out to me that an “ongoing” in the current marketplace is seldom much longer than a long mini, so… you know. I’m an idiot.) I’ve kicked myself every day since, but short of having fermata powers, I don’t think could have done it.

The second time, I was approached to pitch on a 6 issue mini. This time I decided to make it work. I pitched. I swung for the bleachers aaaaand… I didn’t get the gig. It happens. It ain’t personal. They told me that there were others pitching and though I was also told mine was an early favorite, in the end they went another way. As far as I’m concerned, it was fair and square and there’s no shame on either end of the deal.

So there you go. HELL YES, I do wish there were more female creators in the DC reboot, but in my case anyway, it’s not like I wasn’t given a shot. Or two.

Hollywood, baby!


Hollywood!, originally uploaded by Kelly Sue.

Check it out, I look like I was drawn by Greg Tocchini!

Okay, so I dropped the ball on the 5 blog posts a week thing.  Progress, not perfection, right?

  • First off, FEAR ITSELF #2 is out today!  Pick it up at your local comic book shop or order online from Midtown Comics!
  • Big thanks to Marvel West for inviting us to the Thor premiere in Hollywood.  The movie was gorgeous and we had a lot of fun.  (Not for anything, but I have to say my husband was smoking hot in his suit.)
  • Also also, I stood about 4 feet from Tadanobu Asano and I meeped.
  • I’m starting to see the colors come in on Supergirl 65 and they’re pretty, pretty, pretty.
  • MTV Geek News had some nice things to say about Osborn 5.

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