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Powell’s Signing with Brian Michael Bendis


Facebook Event Page here.

Please join Brian Michael Bendis and me at Powell’s (1005 W Burnside) this Friday evening at 7:30.

Brian doesn’t do many public appearances any more, so if you’re a fan–this is your chance.  Powell’s will have the Castle book as well as Powers collections and who knows what all else.  (Brian also says he’s bringing some free comics for giveaways!)

Stuff & Things


Things! Stuff!

  • First up, remember that project with “BMB” I teased a while back?  BAM! Castle: Deadly Storm
  • Also in announcements, Fraction and I are going to Brazil in November as guests of Belo Horizonte. We’ve never been there before and we’re super-excited about it.
  • And INSANELY HUGE thanks to everyone who has thus far donated (and those of you who are considering donating later) to my Run for Congo fundraising efforts.  As of right now, I’m over 10x my goal–$2,000+!  I’m not sure how much two grand buys in Congo, but I’m hoping it buys one woman some peace and a lead on a future.  If you looking for something else to do, you might consider writing to your representatives about a special envoy for Congo.  That would make every dollar we send more effective.  More ideas here and here.
  • As a reminder, I’ve got two signings coming up–one in Chicago and one in Wisconsin. The one is Chicago is looking like it’s going to be HILARIOUS, as I was just sent my script for the Dramatic Osborn 5 reading.  No… No, I’m not kidding and I have to say I think it’s going to be awesome.  If you’re in the area, I’d love it if you came.  I’ll even let you read Norman.  (Also, I hear there will be cookies.)  Also I believe Siuntres will be coming by to do an episode of Wordballoon.
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