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Comics Alliance Interview

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Lady Snowblood

I think this is my first interview that wasn’t conducted in email? Consequently I ramble. Like, a LOT. Learning curve and all that. Still, Comics Alliance did a great job and I do appreciate the support.

Marvel’s SIF: Swordplay & Bloodshed, That’s More Her Speed


Two Sif-related items this morning!

Here we go! on Twitpic1) Ryan tweeted a little teaser image here; and

2) The first Sif-related interview is up.  It’s at Newsarama, right here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Nrama: I have but one simple question for you as a writer: What makes you dig Sif?

DeConnick: I think it’s the same thing explains my fondness for women-of-vengeance movies and the Japanese pinky violence films of the 1970s.  I think… I mean, I’m a five foot tall short-tempered woman of Sicilian heritage and when someone or something pisses me off—which happens, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit, on a regular basis—it’s neither socially nor ethically acceptable for me to pick up a baseball bat and crack heads.  But boy… I entertain the notion about once a day.  So there’s that fantasy element to Sif.

And then—stepping away from my own character defects for a moment—there’s the age-old mythic appeal of the Hero.

Nrama: And of course: What is it that compels us mortals to partake in the epic tales of Asgard?

DeConnick: What makes us read fiction at all?  What’s the appeal of parable or fable?  It’s the same thing that made me a nut for Greek mythology when I was a kid—these over-sized tales push our power-fantasy buttons, sure, but they also help us order our understanding of each other and our world.

I mean, we’re getting into Joseph Campbell stuff here, but this is marrow, you know?  I think imagination and myth are as hard-wired into us as our appetites for sustenance and love.

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