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On the Off Chance You’re Not as Sick of the Sound of My Voice as I Am

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Two podcasts went up today:

Loikamania Ep 087

Podcast! The Comics Ep 17

I had a good time doing both. My thanks to Pat, Travis, James and Brandon.

I’m doing another Thursday night–with some hilarious dudes who totally intimidate me!–and then I believe I will have Collected Them All.


DeConnick & Noto Resurrect Ghost for Dark Horse Presents


Man.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks around our house with some truly epic illnesses and the death of our beloved dog, Captain Applejack.  I’m afraid I’m still reeling.  Amidst the doom and gloom, I somehow managed not to share some good news with you–namely, that I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to team with PHIL NOTO and Dark Horse editor Patrick Thorpe to bring back GHOST, starting in Dark Horse Presents #13.

If you know Phil’s work at all, you’re a fan.  For more on our take on the character, check out this interview for CBR.


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Comics! The Blog Interview

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James Leask and I had a lot of fun with this interview over at Comics! The Blog:

C!TB: What are your favourite things you’re reading these days? It can be anything – books, comics, magazines, etc.

Kelly Sue: Nonfiction-wise, I’m reading Mercury 13 and Promised the Moon, both about the women of the early astronaut program. Excellent, excellent, heartbreaking story. Mercury 13 is particularly well-written.

And I just got an Amazon gift card that I think I’m going to use for the kindle edition of Mind in the Making – a book my son’s school recommends.

Comics-wise, I’m reading Guggenheim and Chaykin’s Blade run—loving the structure. I think I was six issues or so in before I saw the big picture. Disciplined crafting—and holy shit, the covers! What else? Making my way through the Dr. Strange essentials in preparation for Fraction’s Defenders…which, by the by, is going to blow the top of your head clean off. Let’s see… right here on my desk today is Jen Van Meter’s Cinnamon: El Ciclo—a title I would not even know about had John Siuntres not mentioned it during our last Wordballoon interview. I’m hoping to start that today.

I just picked up some American Vampire and Batman Detective because I’ve heard really good things about Scott Snyder. Really looking forward to those.

What else have I got laying about here… Jon Hickman’s Red Wing (which didn’t really hook me until the last page of the first issue, but once he got me, he got me good), Emma Rios & Nick Spencer’s Cloak & Dagger—which is PAINFUL for me to read, because I’m so crazy about Emma and I seethe with jealousy that she’s working with Nick… who I’m sure is lovely, but I kind of want to get hit by a bus, in the way that you wish horrible fates on your girlfriend’s new boyfriends. Lucky for Nick, John Boehner and my own karma, I don’t happen to be psychokinetic, so I can give in to my baser instincts a little without actually risking anyone’s neck.

I wish I was reading a novel right now, but I haven’t had time. I have an ARC of Maria Dahvana Headley’s Queen of Kings by my bed that I haven’t gotten to read yet and the book is already out! What fun is an ARC if the book is out, I ask you??

Every once in a while I stroke it lovingly.

read the rest here.

Captain America & The Secret Avengers Interview and Preview

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Interview and Greg Tocchini art up on CBR. Check it out!

The action in “Captain America and the Secret Avengers” is triggered by Tatiana, a young girl who debuted in a short story by DeConnick and artist Jamie McKelvie, in last year’s “Enter the Heroic Age” one-shot. In this new story, Tatiana reenters the Black Widow’s life by writing her a letter. “Natasha called her mini-me in the short. She’s a teenage girl who was trained young, like Natasha. She’s also Russian, like Natasha. She’s not super powered, but she is a well-trained, highly competent assassin. She was being traded in an international arms deal when Natasha liberated her. Steve Rogers put her in a safe house from which she has run away,” DeConnick told CBR. “So in the beginning of our story, she has written to Natasha and said, ‘Thank you for believing in me and thinking of me as more than a bullet. I wanted to thank you and say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you were wrong.’

I Was Pregnant & Pacing, Okay?

  • Word Balloon interview is up here.  (Be kind; I was INCREDIBLY NERVOUS.  And I was pacing.  There are a number of, ahem, lengthy pauses as I try not to sound like an idiot.  I do manage to relax a bit as it goes, but yeah… pauses.)  Anyway, Siuntres is aces, so there’s that.
  • At Travis Holyfield’s suggestion, I put up a Facebook fan page here.  I think.  I have no idea if I did it right and I can’t really afford the time today to monkey around with it, but I think it’s up.  (I try to leave my Facebook page for people I know personally and I say so in my profile, but I still have 100+ friend requests from folks I don’t know sitting in my inbox.  So this is, I dunno, a way for me to not look like a jerk, I guess?  Or possibly I’m a bigger jerk now.  Netiquette remains a bit of a mystery to me.)
  • CV got an update too.  (Thanks to Ariana–as ever–for fixing the formatting for me.)

Okay. Back to work.

Avengers Day!!


Hey, so, today is AVENGERS DAY–a great day for Marvel fans to hit their local comic book shop.  In addition to Bendis’ AVENGERS #1, you might consider supporting the Fraction/DeConnick* clan by picking up these books as well:

I’ve also got a couple of interviews up today:

* Fraction, some of you may know, got his name as the result of a telemarketer mis-pronouncing “Fritchman.”  Apparently, Phil Bond misheard “Kelly Sue DeConnick” as “Kelly Supersonic” while out at a pub with McKelvie last night.  I’m now considering changing my name.  (Okay, not really.  But come ON.)

**Every once in a while Jamie puts limited edition prints up for sale on his site.  They always sell out… because they’re AWESOME.  You might want to go ahead and add his site to your feed reader and cross your fingers.

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