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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-27


Twitter Updates for 2009-11-26

  • I think the speakers on my laptop just died…? #
  • Thanksgiving! Not the day you want your fancy remote meat thermometer to die. Oh wells. Guess we do this the old-fashioned way… #

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-25

  • @stevensanders Oh, I really didn't mean that to be catty! I was genuinely surprised when the camera pulled back. in reply to stevensanders #
  • @stevensanders I'm fine with that. in reply to stevensanders #
  • I'm actually making surprising progress considering how chatty I've been today. Also: I'm craving tortilla soup with lime… and donuts. #
  • @patrickkeller No, but I drive by there every day… in reply to patrickkeller #
  • We wished we had an intern today. #
  • Donut adventure fail. Voodoo dnt have apple cider donuts, so we went to Sesame. They wr out of ACs & the others we got wr 2 greasey 2 eat. #
  • (We did have an intern from KCAI's writing program for a semester. Great guy; hope he felt like he got something out of it.) #
  • What did you do? RT @mattfraction i'm sorry best show #
  • RT @milkfedllc Out today: Invincible Iron Man #20, Uncanny X-Men #517. Previews: & #
  • Out today from @warrenellis: Anna Mercury 2 #1, Astonishing X-Men Vol. 5: Ghost Box, Ignition City #5 #
  • Out today from @brianmbendis: New Avengers #59, Powers: Definitive Collection Vol. 3, Powers #1 #
  • Out today from @brubaker: Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Criminal: The Sinners #2, Incognito #
  • Okay… those are my public service announcements for the day. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-24


Twitter Updates for 2009-11-23


Twitter Updates for 2009-11-22


Twitter Updates for 2009-11-21

  • I am so jealous! RT @waffles: Just bought tickets to see Magnetic Fields in March. So happy! #
  • Thrill of the day: learning one of Fellini's first writing gigs was the Italian script for the Flash Gordon comic strip. [He did what I do.] #
  • Traffic problems on the way to dinner; traffic problems on the way home. At least dinner was fun. (Ate too much, though.) #
  • Oh, and let it be known that on this date my son made fun of me for the first time. (He imitated me shivering in the cold.) #
  • Is going to take HL with me Christmas shopping today. Pray for me us. #
  • HL wants to know, "Where is Christmas?" #
  • NetNewsWire, I keep pruning and cleaning up the aggregator on my dsktp, then when I close & reopen, you sync to something older. STOP IT. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-20


Twitter Updates for 2009-11-19


Twitter Updates for 2009-11-18

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